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Share contact number with residents, Dr Sim tells councillors
Posted on : 04 Sep 2019  Source of News: New Sarawak Tribune Online

KUCHING: Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian has urged local councillors to share their contact information with residents.

“Local councillors are the frontlines and we depend on them to engage with the community,” said Dr Sim in his speech during the installation ceremony of the new Kuching South City Council (MBKS) Mayor at MBKS building here yesterday.

 “It is my policy that the people must know who their local councillors are. The people should be reaching out to them before (going to) the assemblyman.

“If they are not reachable, then it means it is a failure on their part (to engage with the community),” he said.

Dr Sim highlighted the role of the local council in tackling issues such as dengue and rabies.

“The people will always reach out to them for complaints, even if it is not under their jurisdiction be it grass cutting or problems on public facilities.

“MBKS and DBKU will always be regarded as the big brothers by other local councils in the state, in doing that we have to equip our staff with the latest technology.

“This is such as big data to identify persistent complaints and also body cams for our staff in case they are being harassed.”

Dr Sim also pointed out that Kuching will embark on installing smart traffic lights in the city as he believed that it can ease traffic woes.

“I have one staff working at the Sarawak Heart Centre who spends more than an hour to get to work from Desa Wira in Batu Kawa.

“With the installation of the Smart traffic lights, the journey time can be reduced to 45 minutes.

“For us, it may not be much, but for her it means that she can reach her home earlier and start cooking early to provide for her family.”

Dr Sim also called for the federal and state governments to pull their resources to make Kuching city safer.

“We have to improve security. Every single day, we hear of people getting robbed and when they report it to the police, there’s nothing that they can do.”

He also allayed fears that KMC flat residents might get relocated and assured that residents will be provided with modern facilities.