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All local councils to improve services digitally
Posted on : 16 Feb 2020  Source of News: New Sarawak Tribute

PADAWAN: The Ministry of Local Government and Housing is fully committed to ensuring that all local councils in Sarawak will have their services improved digitally.

Its minister Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian said, “By using digital technology, everything will be convenient for the public. They don’t have to get out from their houses and can do everything through their phones.

“This is in line with the state’s move towards digitalisation.

“I have told MPP which has to serve over 70,000 people that its building is quite small.

“Hence, we have to look at how to get a bigger MPP building so that it can have better facilities. Instead of having foyers or tents, it could have a proper auditorium and banquet halls. The community can make use of these facilities,” the minister added when officiating at the MPP Chinese New Year open house here on Friday.

Dr Sim added that besides improving its services, MPP must ensure the people who lived in its areas were safe.

“A safe and smart city — that is the direction we are heading to.”

The minister revealed he had asked his ministry to look at the use of drones and not just closed-circuit television (CCTVs).

“Sarawak can be like China which is currently using drones; such technology can be airborne for 10 hours and it will be part of the smart city and safe city concept for the people.

“Apart from that, we will also increase the manpower of MPP. All local enforcement officers will be given proper training to be auxiliary police personnel with facilities, patrol cars and others.

“This is to help the Royal Malaysia Police Force (PDRM) safeguard the safety of the community in Padawan.”

Dr Sim acknowledged the existence of MPP’s 24/7 standby team for any emergency,

“I hope residents know the hotlines so that they can continue to help no matter how big or small the matter is.

“This year, I have asked a few councils including MPP to upgrade themselves by getting an ‘eye-cam’ so that they don’t have to go down to an area and see what is going on,” he said, adding that councils must make full use of these technologies.